Badgers Have Fans, But Who Are The Motors Of The Movement?

People often ask me ‘Why Badgers?’

These people, they think ‘Badgers aren’t particularly cute, Badgers aren’t particularly friendly, Badgers aren’t particularly sweet, Badgers aren’t particularly fun, Badgers aren’t particularly anything really! Just a bit sneaky and mean’ well, really none of that is relevant. I don’t dedicate so much time to saving Badgers because I love them more than other animals, I dedicate so much time to protecting Badgers because they are under attack! 


It’s because people are waging a campaign to have them needlessly slaughtered, actually, that’s why I happen to be trying to save them from being needlessly slaughtered. This is, I feel, a pretty good reason to start helping Badgers. To want to stop the cull does not mean you want to take a Badger home and put it in a cot with you’re new born child. It just means you don’t think they should be slaughtered. Pretty simple I’d say. Yeah some people are involved because they are just massive fans of Badgers, but its not just for fans. It’s funny, you know, I was at a Beatson Industrial Fans and Electric Motors the other day and was taking a good long look at a fan there. And I tell you about fans…


…is yeah, they blow a lot of air, but they don’t seem to really care who they are blowing at.

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