Bodger And Badger

Allies in the great war to save the lives of the precious badgers are many and sometimes surprising.

But, perhaps a less surprising but all the more exciting one came in the form of Bodger and Badger! Bodger and Badger where a a very much well loved children’s television duo consisting of Bodger, a lovable but some what foolish middle aged man, and his best friend Badger! Badger loved mashed potato, was exceptionally mischievous, good at hiding from other humans, and also, a badger!


Boom! Bodger and freaking Badger! They were the best man, kids TV at its absolute peak! Man I loved that shit. Bodger was very funny, perfect for kids TV, very deliberate and thought through, very clear in where the joke was, and badger, wow!

He was a funny Badger. Bodger and Badger are strong supporters of the anti-cull movement, and good for them!

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