Bowland – Static Caravans And A Safe Haven

Badgers are precious.

They are on this land and we have no right to just murder them. Why do people not understand this? Why can they not get this into their stupid heads? And yes, their heads are stupid! They are incredibly stupid heads, these heads that sit on the shoulders of bodies whose hands are covered in blood. The blood, and the guts, and the deaths, of innocent badgers.


If only the Badgers could talk for themselves, if only they could stand up in court and defend their kind. The righteous justice they would bring to bear on our heads would be brutal, they would lay waste to the intellectual skulduggery of these badger murdering fools. Just image the tall and proud Badger standing tall and proud in court, bringing his fist down, splintering the wood, beating on his chest, letting truth ring out through the courtroom, letting truth ring out through the city, letting truth ring out through the country and through the world: Badgers have a right to life.


Life. That is all any of this is about. The life of cows, the lives of farmers, the lives of Badgers. We understand that farmers have a livelihood, a livelihood reliant on the health of their cows, and that those lives are threatened by bTb. Scared, scared for the sustainability of all they hold dear and in this vulnerable, fearful state they have been offered a solution based on aggression and misinformation, a solution that relies on the slaughter of a wild animal, a solution that is ineffective. A solution, in short, that will not work and should not be carried out.


Good news is rare in the plight of the badger, so when it comes it should be savoured. Up and down the country people who want to support these beautiful creatures are making spaces where they can live and thrive in safety. In Yorkshire, at the beautiful Bowland Fell Park, steps have been taken to support the badger community. You can support them by checking out Bowland Fell Park Static Caravan this summer. Support the badgers, for they cannot stand up and argue for themselves. Against genocide, it is those who are not under attack that mus stand up.

First they came for the badgers, and I did not speak out- 

Because I am not a badger.

You are not a badger, but you must speak out.

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