Can Packing Crates Save The Badgers?

If we are going to save the Badgers, we need to think outside the box.

I’ve been trying for a long time to stay on the side of the calm and collected and to work within the system to try and find a solution to the bTb outbreak that does not involve the pointless slaughter of hundreds of innocent and beautiful wild Badgers. I always thought, you know, ‘there are ways of dealing with these things, their are routes to the doors of power, and the people behind those doors are reasonable, they are not simply going to support the genocide of an animal just ‘because”. Because it’s popular, because it’s simple, because it’s easy, because it gets them the rural vote…


But, unfortunately, that is exactly what is the case.

once-used-medium-box-21-pSo, now I look in the mirror and I say to myself: ‘So what now? Is that it? Is that battle over? Have they won?

Are you able to look at them and accept that they have won this war and not say that if they have won according to the system, if they are right according to the system, then that does not clearly mean that the system is BROKEN’ Can you tell yourself that?

Can you accept defeat? Can you stay in the box if the box is clearly wrong?

Well, I think, if we’re going to fight these culls, thinking outside their box, might mean thinking inside a box…

large-bespoke-wooden-crateThat’s right, we’ve been looking long and hard at some packing crates and cases that we might be able to use to hide and protect badgers during the culls.

If we prepare these timber crates properly we can attract the badgers into them over night and save them from the bullets and traps of the cullers. This is our duty, these timber packing cases. This is our duty to the badgers. This is our duty to nature. This is our duty to humanity. This our duty to ourselves and our movement.

This is our duty.

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